PR in 2050: what is the future of our profession?

PR in 2050: what is the future of our profession?

How PR industry in Poland will look like in 2050? What will change when it comes to the way we communicate with our clients? Is digitalization going to completely change the way we work? You can find the answers to those and other questions in the recently published report, created by the Publicon agency. As the Polish Public Relations Association we supported this effort. 

Our profession is going to change - this is the main conclusion that comes from foresight. Although we are not sure which future scenario will come true, we are sure that it will impact the whole industry. 

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and ecology are trends we will focus on in the future; when it comes to the second one, we can see its importance today with the increasing significance of social responsibility and sustainability efforts, especially when it comes to the ESG. 


What’s more? 

Digital competencies will be the key to leading successful PR efforts. 50% of the respondents indicate that data analytics will be a key skill for the PR industry (apart from soft skills and - separately - creativity, digital content and SEO). However, it will be not only about collecting and reading data, but also about being able to draw valid conclusions and make judgments.  

The way we work is also going to change - it is highly possible that we will switch from the pay-per-hour model to the pay-per-performance one, where clients are going to pay for certain results. Such a model is already being used today by some agencies. 

For more interesting foresight we encourage you to take a look at the “PR 2050” industry report attached below. To read the Polish version click here.

The Polish version of the report was commented on by the experts from the Polish Association of Public Relations. We present its English version to the international audience of The Global Alliance for Public Relations and Communication Management, of which our association is a member. 

In October 2021 we globally share our views on the future of the PR profession, hopefully starting a discussion on what we can do to be better prepared for the upcoming changes.