Polish Public Relations Association: new Board and Board of Directors elected

Polish Public Relations Association: new Board and Board of Directors elected

On March 4, 2023, during the General Assembly of the members of the Polish Public Relations Associations, new Board and Board of Directors were elected. The President of the Board became Cyprian Maciejewski, vice presidents: Żaneta Przybylska and Roksana Obuchowska. In the Board also sit Renata Poreda and Mykhailo Krasiuk.

“Polish Public Relations Association is the oldest PR organization in Poland. Almost 30 years of its history was built by great names, industry regulations, and hundreds of hours of an additional work dedicated by people for whom development of PR industry in Poland is crucial. I would like to thank you all – our members – for your trust. This new position is a great responsibility, I can feel it. The most important goal for me for the next two years is to continue members’ and industry integration, and organizing formal and informal meetings for our members, for example in a form of PSPR Day.says Cyprian Maciejewski, President of the Board of the Polish Public Relations Association.

Cyprian holds a position of PR Manager in Innobaltica. Before that, he worked for the city of Gdansk (Gdansk Magistrate), he was a spokesperson of the ZU Sp. z o.o., and for six years he worked as PR Manager for the Ambermedia agency as well. He is also an independent advisor and trainer. Cyprian is an active member of PSPR since many years, for the last two years holding a position of the vice president of the Board of the Polish Public Relations Association.

Żaneta Przybylska and Roksana Obuchowska were elected for the Vice presidents of the Board of the Polish Public Relations Association.

- We want to continue to develop the concept of the Lwy PR award as wellsays Żaneta Przybylska, vice president of the Board. – In the last few years this award was granted to great PR experts in Poland, whose activity in a field of PR industry development and education was enormous. These experts are characterized by their creativity, efficiency, courage, integrity, and high ethical standards. Only by working together we can positively impact our industry – she adds.

Roksana Obuchowska is a lawyer by training, but from nine years she works in Public Relations, and from six she specializes in corporate and executive communications. She is experienced in working for international corporations in different branches (FMCG, IT, banking). Currently, she holds a position of the Senior Global Communications Expert for the Merck Business Services, a shared services organization of Merck. She works as a trainer, lecturer, and speaker on various conferences, TEDx included. Roksana has been a member of the Polish Public Relations Association since 2019 and since 2021 she sits in its Board, where she is responsible for international cooperation being a member of the European Regional Council of the Global Alliance for Public Relations and Communication Management.

Żaneta Przybylska is a PR specialist at CIECH Group, where she supports Group’s spokesperson, co-coordinates social media and plans and executes PR activities. Earlier, at POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews she was responsible for social and cultural activities, for example by working with media (TV). In the past, she was responsible for the social media activities of the Nowoczesna party. As the image consultant and trainer she worked with the Congress of Women Association, the School for Leaders Association, and the Leslaw A. Paga Foundation. She worked in the PR office of the spokesperson of the Polish Post. She was also a journalist. In the Board she is responsible for education and cooperation with academics and universities.

Renata Poreda is responsible for PR activities of the technology company ASTOR. Renata is a spokesperson of the Robotics and Polish Automation Forum, a body created by the Polish companies representing the automation industry. She holds a postgraduate diploma in Public Relations (Jagiellonian University) and Digital Marketing (Tischner European University). She has over 20 years’ experience of working in marketing, public relations, CSR, and media relations. For more than 9 years she worked for the robotics and automation industry. Renata is editor-in-chief of “Business & Production” and “Business & Production Podcast”. In Polish Public Relations Association she initiated one of the editions of Regional PR.

Mykhailo Krasiuk is a communications consultant from Ukraine. He ran successfully over 100 projects and campaigns in the areas of public affairs, corporate, marketing, and political communication. Since 2015, he has been operating in Poland as an advisor to companies from the food and maritime industry, new technologies and renewable energy, NGOs, and local governments. He has been a member of the Polish Public Relations Association since 2019.

New Board of Directors of the Polish Public Relations Association

During the General Assembly of the members, representatives of the Board of Directors were also elected. New members are: Maria Buszman, Michał Sobiło, Mateusz Witczyński, Anna Kiryjow-Radzka, and Bartosz Milczarczyk.

Members of the Board and Board of Directors serve two-year terms and are considered for reelection every two years.